Golden Globe Outfits vs. After Party Outfits 2016

January 14, 2016


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With the Golden Globes this past weekend (Sunday January 10, 2016) we found many beautiful shots of these celebrities. Of course, after the Golden Globes all these celebrities had to go out somewhere, and looked great for the after-party. Many of these celebrities chose to wear a completely different outfit to the after-party so we decided to show off some of these outfit changes and see which styles you liked better. Do you think they wore it better for the Golden Globes, or for the after-party?

Jennifer Lopez - Golden Globes

 Jennifer Lopez Golden Globes Yellow Dress

Jennifer Lopez - After Party

Jennifer Lopez After Party White Dress

Jennifer Lawrence - Golden Globes

Jennifer Lawrence Golden Globes Red Dress

Jennifer Lawrence - After Party

Jennifer Lawrence After Party Black Shirt and Skirt

Olivia Palermo - Golden Globes

Olivia Palermo Golden Globes Strapless Dress

Olivia Palermo - After Party

Olivia Palermo After Party Black Dress

Kate Bosworth - Golden Globes

Kate Bosworth Golden Globes Red Dress

Kate Bosworth - After Party

Kate Bosworth After Party Black Dress With Pants

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