How To Model for Fashion: 7 Standing Fashion Model Poses

January 20, 2016


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Many people wish to aspire to be models, but when first starting out have nowhere to look in order to prepare for their first photoshoot. Although you may find some youtube videos or other resources, but its tough to find a simple list of poses that you can use. We decided to help out and create this list for beginners who are looking to start modelling. We will explain each pose and once you memorize these, you should have no problem going to do your first photoshoot.

Pose #1

Model Pose With Hands In Pockets

This pose is simple yet effective. Place both of your hands in your pockets, legs should width apart, stay relaxed, and lastly look to the camera. For this look, you can smile for a more fun and inviting look, or keep a serious face for a more sexy look. You can also play with the look yourself, for example by putting your thumbs in your pockets and leaving the rest of your hands out etc.

Pose #2

Modelling Pose With One Hand On Head

This pose starts to use your hands. You will have your legs shoulder width apart, one of your hands hanging down as shown above, and your other hand on your head. In this photo, we had the model push up her hair a little for a more fun aspect to this photo. Your hand that is hanging down can also be placed on your leg or in your pocket if you like.

Pose #3

Selfie Sweater Modelling Pose Two Hands On Head

For this pose, you want to keep your legs close together as shown in the photo above. You will then take both of your hands and place them behind your head. With this look, it usually looks better when you turn your body slightly to one side, and do the same with your head as shown above. Lastly, in the photo, the model decided to pout, but you can also choose to smile or have a serious face with this pose. Some variations of this can also include having your legs shoulder-width apart as well.

Pose #4

Modelling Pose With Crossed Legs

For this pose, you will start by crossing your legs like in the picture above. You will then take one arm and rest it on your cheek, and take your other arm and run it across your body while resting your hand under your other arm. With this pose, you must always keep in mind that if the clothing you are modelling has something displayed on the front of it, you cannot use this pose or it will cover the clothing.

Pose #5

Heart Shirt Modelling Pose With One Hand

When doing this pose, you will start with your legs crossed and one hand on your hip. You will then take your other arm and place it around your head with your hand resting on the opposite side of your head from where you started as shown above. This pose looks best when you then tilt your head to the side and look down.

Pose #6

Fashion Modelling Side Pose

Here you will be doing a side pose. With these kind of poses, you want to make sure that your legs are not too far open and that your feet are not hidden behind one another. You will cross your arm that is closest to the camera, and rest your other hand on your leg as shown in the photo. You can then either look towards the camera or look down for a great shot. A tip for these kind of photos is to ensure you arch your back a little for added curves.

Pose #7

Modelling Pose From The Back With One Hand On Head

For this pose from the back, you will start by having your feet close together. You will then put the hand closest to the camera on your hip, and your other hand on your head as we have done above. You will now turn your entire body slightly towards the camera, and do the same with your head. You should now be in a position where you are showing your entire back, but still have a great shot where you can see your face. You can play with this look by having your legs more open or you can try different facial expressions etc.

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