Outfit Of The Month: February

February 04, 2016


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Outfit Of The Month February

Leather is this months choice!

We chose to feature a full leather outfit for this month because well leather is always in style. Each piece of this outfit does not necessarily consist of all leather, but all have at least one touch of leather in some way.

The Outfit Includes:

Lets start this outfit with the top. Our beautiful Heart Me Grey Top is the perfect top to this outfit because first of all, the heart fits in perfectly with February (The month of love), and doesn't have too much black which won't overpower the rest of the outfit. As you will see, the rest of the outfit incorporates a lot of black.

Love Heart Grey Top

The next piece to this outfit is the jacket. Our Leather Detailed Black Jacket is the perfect top layer for this outfit with its enormous amount of stylish embellishments. This jacket has leather detailing as the name suggests, and also has arched sides for added style.

Stylish Leather Detailed Black Jacket

You will then pair this up with our Faux Leather Front Slit Black Leggings. These leggings create a sense of sexy with its front slits, and matches to our jacket perfectly because leather always matches leather.

Faux Leather Front Slit Black Leggings

Lastly, since it can get cold, we chose a beautiful pair of booties. We chose our Black Studded Pattern Heel Booties because of the mere fact that they are absolutely fabulous. We have received wonderful feedback and pretty much anyone we have ever shown these shoes to, falls in love. Plus, studs add even more fabulous style to these booties.

Fabulous Black Studded Pattern Heel Booties

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