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March 09, 2016


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Every season is a new reason to go shopping, so get ready for our new Sweaters are Sexy Collection. Instead of making you wait for the release, we decided to give you a sneak preview of what this collection entails. Of course we could not show you every piece because, well, whats the fun in that? Here is a taste of Sweaters are Sexy!

Sexyback Boutique Cream Turtleneck Sweater

We start off by showing you this beautiful turtleneck sweater. The patter on the front is the perfect addition to any sweater. Instead of going for the plain look we chose this because we want you to stand out and show your sexy fashion sense rather than blending in with everyone else. 

Sexy Crop Top Sweater

Did you have a belly button ring that you got tired of hiding? This is the perfect sweater to help you show off that belly button ring, or even to just have a nice breeze of air to cool you down. We also added two leather stripes on each arm for added style!

Sexyback Boutique Grey Sweater

Fashion has never looked better! This stunning sweater features the double breast for supreme comfort and added appeal. Just imagine what you can do with such a magnificent sweater! Get ready to blow people away!

White Sexyback Boutique Sweater

This cream sweater features a playful design. Yes, this means that you can do many different styles with this sweater. As seen above, you can wear it off both shoulders, off one shoulder, or like a normal sweater. It also features a deep V in the back. Need i say more?

Sexyback Boutique Blue Sweater

We designed this sweater to have a unique look which is hard to find nowadays. This sweater actually closes up with a button behind your neck. This gives it a look you have never seen before, but is guaranteed to make you look sexier than ever!

Sexyback Boutique Leather Sweater

This sweater is a nice clean black sweater with an added design. (Of course we would never just offer you a plain black sweater if there wasn't anything special about it.) We added a full front side of leather! Yes, you heard right! This is just plain fabulous!

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