8 Workwear Tips Every Woman Needs To Know

July 29, 2015


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We wake up each and every day with one very time consuming thought; what do I wear today? This may sound easy but for most, this is a very difficult task and takes some finesse to get dressed for the office. Although this may make you feel intimidated, were here to present you with 10 simple tips that should make this task a lot easier and save you tons of time each morning. We also do understand that some professions have different workwear requirements, but these tips work for the majority of workplaces. Every morning just make sure to follow these steps and you'll be dressed for success in no time!

1. You Must Remember To Layer.

Sometimes a pencil skirt is simply the secret to a great outfit, but adding a jacket, or even an extra top can make you look like you're ready for success. 

White Top With Blue Skirt And Brown Sweater

Maegan Tintari / Flickr

2. You Must Build Up Your Staples.

A sleek pencil skirt, a button down blouse, or even a fitted wrap dress are the basics for every workwear outfit. Investing in these staple pieces will help to make your Monday to Friday much easier.

White Wrap Dress

nycmominthecity / Flickr

3. You Must Learn To Achieve Balance.

We all love to dazzle up our outfits with graphic prints and bold colors, but you have to remember that it is easily possible to go over the top. When you have an unusual piece such as an unusual print or a bold color, try to balance it out with a more simple piece such as a button-down blouse or flats.

Blue Top With Brown Patter Skirt

Jeanna / Flickr

4. You Must Invest In a Comfortable Pair Of Heels.

Since you will be spending all day, 5 days a week on these heels, make sure you're investing in a comfortable pair that can get you through the entire day.

Comfortable High Heels

Maegan Tintari / Flickr

5. You Must Avoid Spaghetti Straps.

Your office attire should consist of buttoned up and other shirts that offer more coverage. You should avoid tops with a plunging neckline or straps that are too thin.

Spaghetti Straps Black Dress

6. You Must Invest In a Good Work Bag.

Whether you need a large tote bag to fit a laptop, or a small clutch thats just large enough to carry all your necessities, a good bag can make your entire outfit.

Black Snakeskin Purse

doug ellis / Flickr

7. You Must Dress Up Your Denim.

These days, a great pair of jeans can be office appropriate if worn correctly. You should aim for a darker pair, and even try out styles such as flares or trouser cuts for a more sophisticated look.

Dark Denim Flare Jeans

kris krüg / Flickr

8. You Must Dress To Impress.

Sometimes we wake up and feel lazy when getting dressed in the morning. You must always remember that what you wear gives others an idea about the type of person you are including your co-workers. Overdressing isn't necessary, but make sure to avoid any old, stained, torn, or revealing clothing.

Three Woman in Work Attire

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