DIY 5 Easy Steps To Make a Gorgeous Sequin Top

August 05, 2015


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If you love glitter and sparkle as much as us, this is a perfect solution. Instead of wishing you find exactly what you want in a store, you can now make your own sequin piece of clothing. You are now your own fashion designer!


You Will Need:

  • Top (Shirt, Tank Top, Sweatshirt etc.)
  • Sequin Trim
  • Needle and Thread
  • Fabric Glue
  • Marker

Step 1:


Choose the font you want for your top & print your phrase the size you want it on the top. The font that was used on this top can be found here.

Step 2:


Cut out your letters that you previously printed using scissors or X-Acto knife to make a template for your sequins. Place the template you've created on the top where you want your phrase to be and use a marker to trace the middle of your phrase.

Step 3:


Start applying fabric glue on the left side of the marker outline and start laying down your sequin trim on top of the glue. (The entire phrase should be outlined with one row of sequins when you're done this step)

You can get sequin trim here.

Step 4:


Now that you have one row of the sequins finished, we are going to apply another line of fabric glue on the right side of your marker line. Starting at the end of your phrase, make a U shape to give the tip a more rounded look and begin laying down your second line of sequin trim on top of the glue (Make sure the second line of sequin slightly overlaps the first). Once you reach the beginning of your phrase, trim the excess sequins. Fold your last sequin (line 2) under the second last sequin (line 1) and then want to do the same for the other end of your sequins. Now glue them in place.

Step 5:


Once the glue is dry, use a needle and thread to secure your phrase by sewing every fourth or fifth sequin to the piece of clothing. This should help to keep the sequins from falling off in the wash during laundry day.

Helpful Tip: Keep in mind that some letters require you to go over a spot that is already done in order to reach the next letter. When doing so just go right over the previous line so that the sequins still keep to only 2 lines.


You can now enjoy designing your own clothing! Good Luck!

If have any questions feel free to comment below and well help you out!

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