Easy Solutions To Your Most Annoying Fashion Problems

August 10, 2015


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Problem #1: A Run In Your Tights.


This is a time old problem that every woman faces. When we come back from the nail salon with those beautifully done nails and you go to pull up your tights, but it begins to run.

Here you have two options: 

Option 1: Use clear nail polish on the run to prevent it from expanding.

Option 2: Use hairspray to mist the area and harden the material to prevent the rip from expanding.

Problem #2: Static - Sticking To Your Skirts & Dresses.

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When your skirt or dress sticks to your leggings, it isn't really flattering. In order to get rid of this, we want you to wet your hand (very little), and rub it on your legs. A quick spray of hairspray will also work. This will help to diffuse the static and it will prevent the clothing from sticking to your legs.

Problem #3: Your Pants Need To Be Hemmed.

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If you're stuck in a situation with your new pants and didn't have time to take it to get hemmed, you're going to want to try these tricks. As a temporary fix you can either:

Option 1: Fold the ends of the pants to the inside and use a safety pin and make sure to keep the majority of the safety pin on the inside of your pants so that you don't see it from the outside. 

Option 2: Fold the ends of the pants to the inside and use double sided tape between the fold to keep it from coming undone.

Problem #4: A Broken Heel.

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This is a girls worst nightmare! Imagine wearing your favourite pair of heels and on the way to a job interview the heel breaks! The simple quick fix for this is to use fast-drying super glue, but keep in mind that this is not a permanent fix.

Problem #5: Your Shoes Are Causing a Blister.


The best way to fix blisters from your shoes are to prevent the blisters from happening in the first place. Once you feel the blister coming, you can use a band-aid to stop it from happening. If you're out and have no access to band-aids, you can use lip balm or lipstick to add a layer between your shoes and your feet thus preventing the blister from forming.

Problem #6: Gum Is Stuck To Your Clothing.

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Everyone has those days where everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. This includes sitting down on a public bench and realizing you have jus sat down on a piece of gum. In order to get this gum off your clothing, you can get a piece of ice and hold it to the gum to freeze it, and then carefully pull off the gum once it hardens. The alternate option is to use hairspray to harden the gum and then carefully pull it off.

Problem #7: You Lost The Back Of Your Earring.

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Have you ever dropped an earring, but had trouble finding the back of it? You can use the eraser on the back of any pencil to replace the backing of your earring. 

Problem #8: Oil Stain On Suede.

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Everyone knows that suede is very sexy material, but also very delicate. If you find yourself with a  stain on your sexy suede, you will want to sprinkle cornstarch over the stain, wait 10 minutes for it to absorb the stain, and then brush off the cornstarch. You might have to do this more than once to completely remove the stain.

We hope you enjoy these solutions. If we forgot any let us know in the comments!

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