DIY Tasseled Heels In 5 Easy Steps!

September 02, 2015


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You will need:

Ruler and pen are only necessary if you decide you want to measure everything.

Step 1:

Cut your pieces of suede fabric into strips. (The height of the strips will be the length of your tassels). Then cut the strips into fringe as shown below.


Step 2:

You will cut one strip off entirely from the fringe on either side (This will be used for the loop). You will now dab some glue on one end of the strip.


Step 3:

Create a loop with the strip by bringing the opposite end to the glue. Then you will glue the loop onto your strip of fringe and begin to roll the strip of fringe closed.


Step 4:

Once you reach the end of the strip of fringe, dab some glue on the end to keep the strip from unrolling and there you have one tassel completed.


Step 5:

Complete a couple more and add them to your strappy heels by sliding the heels strap through the loops you created. Congratulations you now have beautiful tassels on your shoes!


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