Karlie Kloss Gives Advice On How To Be More Confident

September 09, 2015


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Karlie Kloss speaks about her past experiences and how to be more confident. She's an American fashion model who has been named top 10 with Vogue Paris, was a Victoria's Secret Angel, and much more. This will show you that even a highly successful fashion model had to face her own lack of confidence.

We want to bring this message to you because as you all well know, our slogan is "Be Sexy... Feel Sexy". When people wear our clothing, we don't just want you to simply wear the clothes to make you look sexy, but we want to empower women to feel sexy as well. In order for someone to feel sexy, you must feel confident in what you are wearing. 

Confidence is key in an outfit because although you may think that the outfit looks great on you, if you don't walk with that confidence, it will be noticeable. An outfit doesn't make the person, but the person makes the outfit. The outfit is just something that helps bring out your confidence and your beauty which is what we aim for in all our designs. Feel empowered and stay confident because that is truly sexy!

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