5 Of The Worst Summer 2015 Fashion Trends

September 23, 2015


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It's now the beginning of fall and guess what that means... time to change your wardrobe! Time to break out with all your knitted pieces, sweaters, leggings, denim, boots and booties! Here are some of this years summer fashion trends that we cannot wait to get away from.

1. Crazy, Almost Revealing, Sheer Dresses: This type of style only works on the red carpet and is made to make you think that the person wearing the dress is naked. The embellishments and design is there only to hide your "personal parts" but is not always a safe look. Even on the runway, this can sometimes be a bad idea.

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2. Flash Tattoos: If you want to stand out and shine when the sun hits you, put on some jewelry instead of pretending with a flash tattoo. Yes, it was cool at first, but now everyone is doing it, and it is time to move on. 

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3. Round Sunglasses: These sunglasses may be chic to some people and loved by some celebrities, but they will never be as elegant or fierce as a rectangle, cat eye, or aviator style pair of sunglasses.

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4. Wearing One Earring: This one we can blame on the runway fashion of 2014. Many top designers styled their models this way; putting one earring on, and leaving the other ear lobe bare. This style slowly grew more popular but now it's time to banish this look, that way people don't have to wonder whether that woman forgot her other earring or not.

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5. "I Woke Up Like This" anything: A very clever saying which celebs used to show what they look like without all their red carpet preparation. It's a great trend to post pictures and showing that not everyone looks perfect all of the time, however, it's time we stop wearing this saying on our clothing.

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