6 Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas - SBB Edition

October 22, 2015

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We bring to you many of our favourite halloween costume ideas for 2015. You don't need to go out and spend $60 or more on a bad quality halloween costume when you can get some of your favourite Sexyback Boutique items and match them up to create a sexy costume for much less! Hurry up and get yours today!

1. Army Camouflage Costume

Army Leggings CostumePink Army Leggings Costume

You can pair up some of our army camouflage leggings with any type of top and a green hat for a perfect army idea.

Shop the Green Army Look

Get the Green Army Leggings Here!
Get the Black Booties Here!

Shop the Pink Army Look

Get the Pink Army Leggings Here!
Get the Black Booties Here!


2. Be a Super Hero Costume

Wonder Woman Superhero CostumeBatwoman Superhero Costume

We have the perfect bodysuits to make you feel like a superhero! Match them up with our sexy leggings for an even better look!

Shop the Wonder Woman Look

Get the Wonder Woman Bodysuit Here!
Get the Black Leggings Here!
Get the Red Boots Here!

Shop the Bat Woman Look

Get the Bat Woman Bodysuit Here!
Get the Black Leggings Here!


3. & 4. Sexy Cop & Racer Chick Costume

Police Leggings CostumeRacer Chick Dress Costume

The racer chick dress is exactly what you need to keep it sexy on Halloween! Our ripped black leggings also turn any normal cop costume into a sexy one!

Shop the Sexy Cop Look

Get the Ripped Black Leggings Here!

Shop the Racer Chick Look

Get the Racer Chick Dress Here!


5. Skeleton Bones Costume

Skeleton Bones White Dress CostumeX-Ray Skeleton Black Dress Costume

Create fear in people while strutting your stuff in your sexy skeleton dress!

Shop the White Skeleton Look

Get the White Skeleton Dress Here!

Shop the Black Skeleton Look

Get the Black Skeleton Dress Here!


6. Gamer Girl Costume

Gamer Girl Blue Dress CostumeYellow Gamer Girl Dress CostumeGreen Gamer Girl Dress CostumeLight Blue Gamer Girl Dress Costume

With 4 different colors, you can't go wrong being a sexy gamer girl this halloween! Show them that sometimes its okay to play games!

Shop the Gamer Girl Look

Get the Blue Gamer Dress Here!
Get the Yellow Gamer Dress Here!
Get the Green Gamer Dress Here!
Get the Light Blue Gamer Dress Here!

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Kamuk Life

May 01, 2019

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