How To Wear Leggings To Work

October 29, 2015

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Leggings aren't just for staying at home anymore! The new sexy form-fitting apparel has people wearing leggings to the grocery store, out to party, and even to work. It's not as simple as just slipping on your leggings and driving to work, but instead, it takes some skill to style up your leggings to be fit for work.

1. Pick the right pair of black leggings

You can start the outfit with the right pair of plain black leggings. This is the easiest way to ease into wearing  your leggings to work. A key tip is that you never want to wear leggings that are too fancy or with too much design because it draws too much attention to them and takes away from the professional look.

Let's not forget that leggings come in all different fabrics. Although all types of fabrics can work, we recommend using a cotton type pair of leggings with more of a soft sheen. This adds more to the fact that you need to get back to basics!

2. Embrace layers

Black Leggings Layers

When preparing to wear your leggings to work, you must make sure you add a lot of layers to your outfit. Your leggings can be paired up with a long top, a sweater, a dress shirt, boots, heels, a jacket, or even a blazer. There are many different ways to layer your outfit, so be sure to use multiple layers to create the perfect work outfit.

3. Play up accessories 

Leggings with accessories

Now, you must remember that accessories plays a big part in your leggings work outfit. Pick some pieces that will surely catch some attention such as a set of diamond earrings, and a big necklace. A scarf also can be the perfect add-on to your outfit. Sometimes even adding a cute bracelet can do the trick.

4. Or, go all out

All out leggings outfit

If you're ready to go all out and want to rock your best leggings work outfit, the trick is to make sure that every component is on point. You must have the right amount of layers, and the right amount of accessories. Let's not forget your footwear, keep it sexy with your boots or heels. A sharp outfit brings it all together.

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