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December 30, 2015


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In 2015 there were many interesting hashtags that went viral. We decided to gather them up and make a list with some of the most popular from this year fun filled year. I hope you are as excited as we are because there are so many fond memories we have of all these hashtags, and is a perfect way for us to reminisce about the amazing year we have had. Lets add one more to the list and say bye to 2015! #Goodbye2015 Now lets get started with the list of viral hashtags for the year 2015.

This hashtag swept over social media this year by teens all over the world. These teens would suck on a shot glass and/or other similar things such as bottles in an attempt to re-create Kylie Jenner's new plump lips. Most of the Instagram pictures posted up by these teenagers displays their bruised and bloody mouths. Maybe this hashtag is something we should stay away from in 2016. No more #KylieJennerLipChallenge.


Hilary Duff & Kelly Ripa Mermaid Hair

This hashtag is all about the new pastel-blue hair trend which has exploded on Pinterest and has become the number one hair trend for 2015. This became so popular that even some celebrities decided to jump on board such as Hilary Duff and Kelly Ripa. 2015 is not over, so get on social media and make sure to hashtag #MermaidHair.
This is the only competing hashtag to the famous #MermaidHair hashtag. Another beautiful looking hairstyle that swept over social media for the year 2015. Women around the world were trying this #GrannyHair hairstyle trend! Some of the women who tried the #GrannyHair include Rihanna, Dascha PolancoZosia Marnet, and Amanda Stenberg.


Don't Judge Challenge

This hashtag was posted by teens all over social media this year. The challenge is basically when you make yourself seem "ugly" by drawing a unibrow or pimples etc on yourself, and then covering the camera. Once the person moves their hand from the camera, they have transformed into a "beautiful" person with their hair done, makeup done etc.

This hashtag was started by the one and only Miley Cyrus. She decided to go ahead and dye her armpit hair, and so began the viral hashtag #FreeYourPits. For this trend, pictures were posted all over social media with people (mostly women) dying their armpit hair different colors.
This hashtag begun with Bruce Jenner (Caitlyn Jenner) being featured on the July cover of Vanity Fair. The cover of this magazine went viral due to what people said took bravery for Bruce to complete his transformation to become a woman. The cover of the magazine featured a photo of the new Caitlyn Jenner with the caption "Call Me Caitlyn". This hashtag features photos of transgender men and women with their photo on a Vanity Fair cover with the caption "Call Me _____".
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