4 Fashion Tips To Improve Your Style

January 07, 2016


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1. Wear Dresses That Show Off Your Curves

Polar Ice Blue Bodycon Style DressOne Strapped Yellow Body Contouring Dress

As a women you work so very hard to get those curves. Every morning when you wake up is the time that you should take the time to choose the right outfit that will show off these curves. This can be a choice of a body contouring dress, a form fitting pair of leggings or jeans, and more. The choices are endless, but you should appreciate your body and others will do the same!

2. Choose The Right Shoes

Mesh Strapped Black HeelsBlack and Blue Studded Heels

High heels are a woman's best friend for a reason of course. The reason is because heels can make a woman feel sexy and on top of the world. We believe the goal is to find a pair of heels that have a subtle design such as some mesh or some studs, and one that does not cover up too much of your foot. Also keep in mind that straps are nothing but sexy! Our rule of thumb is that it only gets sexier with every extra strap. Lastly, if your toe nails are painted then you may want to opt to use a style that has open toe.

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3. Style Yourself With Eye Catching Jewelry

Titan Flat Wrap BraceletMini Octogonal Earrings

Our friends at Two Lamb Boutique have some beautiful pieces of jewelry you can pair up with. Many women choose to wear more subtle jewelry however, we believe that the more sparkles, the more you stand out, the better. This beautiful black bracelet is a perfect example of how you can truly shine with a bedazzled bracelet, and some gorgeous gold earrings. 

4. Don't Be Afraid To Wear Bold Colors

Green Diamond DressBlue, Pink, and Yellow Bodycon Long Sleeve Dress

Most women are afraid of wearing bold colors as they feel as if they may stand out too much, or maybe because they feel that they are not beautiful. This is the completely wrong way to look at things. The beautiful and sexy dresses above are a perfect way to truly show off your fun and sexy side. A bright pink or green dress can catch the attention to make you feel special and beautiful just as you intended when you woke up this morning. Don't be afraid of the attention, but instead you should embrace it!

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