Mermaid Make Up Ideas For Halloween 2016

September 29, 2016


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Here we have several make up ideas for this years halloween. With this spooky event only about a month away, we decided it was time to throw some good costume ideas your way. Although we have found a couple, we have our eyes on one specific idea which is the mermaid make-up costume! It's quite simple and is a fabulous look that will surely wow any crowd. Whether you are handing out candy, going out for candy, or attending a fabulous party, this detailed look is the perfect halloween costume for any event!

Here are some examples of this fabulous look!


Mermaid Makeup Look

This look is absolutely stunning. The beautiful mix of green, blue, purple, and pink all faded together to give a fabulous mermaid look that is hard to come across. In order to get this stylish look, you have to choose your eyeshadow colors, and use a small sponge to dab it on your face for a beautiful faded look . As you move towards the centre of your face, make sure to put less and less cover up for a fabulous look like the one above. For an added touch, you can add little beads and gems around the border of your face which are the perfect finishing touches to the mermaid makeup look.



This second mermaid make-up look uses a different type of design. In order to get the scale type of look, you have to put a fishnet or fishnet style pantyhose over your face. Once it is in place, make sure it does not move and use a similar application as above. Dab the mixture of eyeshadow you like on your face and fade it as you move towards the centre of your face. Again, like the other, you can throw on some beads for the finishing touches.



This mermaid make-up look is a variation of the above techniques and came out quite fabulous. The fishnet that was used for this look was a lot smaller than the others which came out quite nice. The beads and gems were placed under her eyes following the structure of her face and although it is quite different than most techniques, it looks very stylish.



Lastly, you can add some of these scales and eyeshadow colouring to your shoulders and maybe even down to your chest depending how far you want to take the look. The more you apply, the better it looks. Be sure to use it sparingly though because if you use too much, it takes away from the fabulous look. They key is to use just enough to make yourself look like a beautiful mermaid. We wish everyone good luck on their halloween ideas this year and hope that some of you take these ideas with you. Have a wonderful and spooky halloween!

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