Snapchat Filters Worn By Models At New York Fashion Week

September 14, 2016


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With New York Fashion Week kicking off this week, we have a lot to talk about. Not only because its New York Fashion Week, but because there are some new ideas implemented this year such as the iconic Snapchat filters that were worn by some of these models. Snapchat filters have become so popular that it has actually come to this and we think its a great idea! This brings a new fun aspect to the runway and we couldn't be happier. 

Dog Filter

NY Fashion Week Snapchat Dog Filter

First we start off with the preparation for this special event. Make up artists were painting faces at this runway instead of applying foundation and blush. While using the dog filter on Snapchat as a reference, they painted the perfect copy of this filter and made it really come to life.These make up artists made sure not to cut corners and went into great detail including shadows and lighting effects to create the most realistic face as possible.

NY Fashion Week Snacphat Dog Filter Outfit

Once the look was complete, it looked absolutely fabulous. She wore a tasseled skirt with a beautiful somewhat tribal design and paired it up with a gorgeous handbag to match. We love tasseled so much that we also made a guide to creating the perfect tasseled heels.This stylish sweater looked just as fashionable as the rest of the outfit. Now to bring the fun and pull the outfit together was the perfectly drawn and iconic dog face filter which was painted to match this models hair.

Deer Filter

NY Fashion Week Snapchat Deer Filter Preparation

The deer filter is one of the newer Snapchat filters that have sweped across this nation. With a filter that makes us look so darn cute, how could we help it. This look now showed up at the NY Fashion Week runway. The amount of detail that had to go into this look was incredible. Although it may look easy, there were many layers that had to be placed to create this look. The way these colors were blended together looks absolutely perfect. We were nothing short of impressed with this look.

NY Fashion Week Snapchat Deer Filter

This model is wearing an elegant and stylish long white dress with a subtle touch of design. This subtle touch is just enough to keep this dress from being any other dress. They paired this up with a tribal handbag to give the look some color, and a short lace shawl. On the lace design, a small tribal design matching the handbag brings the look together. Lastly, how could we forget the almighty deer filter which went perfectly with this models complexion and looks absolutely fabulous!

Butterfly Crown Filter

NY Fashion Week Snapchat Butterfly Crown Filter Preparation

It's the New York Fashion Week. Of course they wouldn't leave out the infamous butterfly crown filter. Here we see the preparation for this stunning look as there were two designers preparing this look. They had to make sure to place each butterfly in the perfect position and had to get the spacing just right to match it up to the Snapchat filter. Unfortunately, the glowing face is a feature which couldn't be necessarily duplicated, but nonetheless, this is a fabulous look.

NY Fashion Week Snapchat Butterfly Crown Filter

This full denim outfit features some beautiful stitching down the side of the capris and some fringe for added design. We then have a matching denim jacket with some floral designs, some matching fringe on the bottom edge of the jacket, and a beautiful Mayan design on the cuff of the sleeves. The Mayan bag matches up perfectly with this fringe and Mayan look and also has a long fringe bottom for added style. Of course we can't forget the stylish butterfly crown to add a pop of color, and a to complete the look.

Flower Crown Filter

NY Fashion Week Snapchat Flower Crown Filter Preperation

The flower crown was the original butterfly crown filter and could be the sole reason why the butterfly crown filter even exists. This filter made your face glow and give you that innocent and beautiful look that many women look for. Although the glowing face couldn't be achieved, this flower crown filter looks beautiful and will always be loved by many. If you decide you want your own flower crown filter, take a look at our DIY Flower Crown Guide.

NY Fashion Week Snapchat Flower Crown Filter

This bold look is made up of a beautiful full lace dress. This black lace dress has some stylish paisley designs with an assortment of small blue butterflies to give the look some color and splash. It was paired up with a lace top with a zig zag design and a black collar. Although most would say it is somewhat of a weird choice, we feel that when paired up together the way this designer did, it gives a fashionable and sexy look that is hard to come across. Of course, due to the lace, it is more of a bold look that you can't just wear anywhere. This look is topped off with a white leather jacked worn over the shoulder. With all these butterflies, the flower crown couldn't have looked better and fits this outfit choice perfectly.

Tiger Filter

NY Fashion Week Snapchat Tiger Filter Preparation

In this look, we can see the precision that went into this tiger filter look. The make up artist began with faded lines as a base for the design, and then filled them to perfection. With a design and filter so detailed, the artist had to be very precise or it would not have worked out as it did. Although the tiger filter was one of the newer filters, it has been growing in popularity, and this designer felt that it matched perfectly with this look.

NY Fashion Week Snapchat Tiger Filter

This look is more bold and starts with a classic pair of camouflage pants with hints of orange. This is paired up with an orange belt to match these highlights, and a paisley designed shirt which features white lining for a classy look. This look isnt complete without the skinny scarf with red strings for a second bold accent color. Overall, this look is a more fierce and bold look which goes perfectly with the fact that they chose to use a tiger filter for this outfit.

Bumble Bee Filter

NY Fashion Week Snapchat Bumble Bee Filter Preparation

This is one of the newer snapchat filters with a lot of BUZZ around it lately. Yes, pun intended haha. In order to make this filter as accurate as possible, alot of blending had to occur. The rosy color is not natural and was added in for the perfect look alike. They then added the yellow accents and the black above her eye. This all had to be done precisely because if one mistake was made, all the layers had to be removed and they would have to start from scratch. 

NY Fashion Week Snapchat Bumble Bee Filter

This look featured a tribal patterned denim jacket which didn't so much match with the bumble bee filter, however matched up perfectly color wise. This aqua blue color chosen for the jean jacket looks great with the yellow tone chosen for the bumble bee look. For added flair and style, the designer chose a fabulous pair of bold blue earrings which look absolutely stunning.

The fact that this has now been worn on the red carpet means that it is now okay to wear this on the street. Over the next couple weeks, we could quite possibly begin to see women using Snapchat filters as their "make-up" instead of the conventional foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, etc. Wouldn't that be fun, just seeing Snapchat filters everywhere. We don't expect to see many, but we do believe that some fashionistas will be brave enough to style this new look in public.

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